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We’re glad to have your children here at Mammoth Elementary School and extend a warm welcome to all visitors, parents, community members, current students, and any future children soon to be in our classrooms. We understand that you, as vested parents and caretakers, want a quality education and safe environment for your children. Our small, performing plus school has 250+ children. This allows us to vigilantly teach every student.

We’re pleased to have highly qualified teachers on staff and technology integrated into all classrooms. We aim to prepare children for the digital age we live in by offering three technology labs in addition to the current tech resources within the classrooms.

Science Foundation ArizonaAdditional features our school showcases:

  • Character Counts education program
  • All day kindergarten
  • Preschool classes
  • Head Start program
  • Clubs
    • Science Foundation Arizona Science Club
    • STEM Club (partnered with Science Foundation Arizona)
    • Student Council
  • Athletics
  • Science, engineering, and math learning labs
  • Three garden/greenhouse programs

School Safety

We believe in being prepared and placing student safety first in all situations. We regularly practice lock downs, fire drills, and evacuations so students will know how to respond during real emergencies. However, Mammoth Elementary is proud to report that we are incident-free of any dangerous situations, and our practice situations have remained exactly that—practice.


Don’t you love when your child brings home a terrific grade card? We love to show off our grade card too. Please take a few moments to look at Mammoth Elementary School’s grade card from last year. We have stellar attendance rates and a 100% passing rate for all children. That means our teachers are doing their jobs, and your children are great learners!


Our school is dedicated to teaching to Arizona state standards in reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Our goal is to provide your children with an enriching educational program. In addition to teaching the state standards, each student learns:

  • Arizona history (4th grade) 
  • United States history (5th grade) 
  • World history (6th grade) 
  • Art
  • Computers
  • Physical education