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Life Skills

We are preparing your children for life in the real world. All year long, our teachers work hard to teach all students about useful life skills. In doing so, we invite excellence, pride, respect, safety, and success to enter the lives of your children.

We encourage all parents and guardians to support your children in learning these life skills by asking them open-ended questions on a regular basis about the topics listed below.

Here are the 18 life skills that we incorporate into all classrooms:

    1. Common sense: To use good judgment
    2. Perseverance: To keep at it
    3. Cooperation: To work together toward a common goal or purpose
    4. Pride: Something that causes a person or persons to be proud
    5. Caring: To feel and show concern for others
    6. Initiative: To do something, of one’s own free will, because it needs to be done
    7. Patience: To wait calmly for someone or something
    8. Flexibility: To be willing to alter plans when necessary
    9. Effort: To do your best
    10. Courage: To act according to one’s beliefs despite fear of adverse consequences
    11. Sense of humor: To laugh and be playful without harming others
    12. Integrity: To act according to a sense of what’s right and wrong
    13. Curiosity: A desire to investigate and seek understanding of one’s world
    14. Responsibility: To respond when appropriate; to be accountable for one’s actions
    15. Resourcefulness: To respond to challenges and opportunities in innovative and creative ways
    16. Friendship: To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring
    17. Problem solving: To create solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems
    18. Organization: To plan, arrange, and implement in an orderly way; to keep things orderly and ready to use